fUNDRAISING Initiatives

Fundraising initiatives

Thank you everyone who bought tickets to our KC Centennials Christmas Cash Raffle Jackpot!!!


Click the logo above to go to our SKIPTHEDEPOT profile.


How it works:

By using the link, SKIPTHEDEPOT will come to your door and pick up the bottles you wish to donate to the team for FREE. You can even set up a regular pick up as well.

This will save you time, keep you safe in this time of COVID-19 and help out some very worthy hockey players!



Essential oils fundraiser

Order doTerra Essential Oils and 25% of Sales will support our Team!

Contact Sheila at to order and for more details.

Click HERE for the catalogue.

The benefits of essential oils include supporting your immune system functions, boosting energy, gives focus for workouts and intense sports and great for your overall well being. Essential oils help in the relief of sore and stiff muscles, stress and anxious feelings, and give you a better sleep.

Happy Wednesday!!!

doTerra now offers a Wellness Program, one of which is the Calm Collection.

Within it, you will find:

• Adaptiv™ 15 mL

• Balance® 15 mL

• Cedarwood 15 mL

• dōTERRA Touch ® Lavender 10 mL

• Adaptiv™ Linen Mist

• dōTERRA Serenity® Linen Mist

• Exclusive travel-size Balance® deodorant!

These products are designed to help create an uplifting environment during the daily stressors of life!

Total cost: $178.00. (You save $28.50 and 25% goes back to the Cens!!).

Sponsorship Letter

2020/2021 KC Centennials Sponsorship Letter